You are much more than your physical body; you are actually a multidimensional, energetic being having a physical human experience. 

It is important to bring into your awareness the many layers of your energetic body. 

Our bodies are surrounded by our essence consisting of our emotional, mental and spiritual-energetic layers.  

Although it is common for people to identify themselves with their physical body,  all of us are actually energy or light beings. EVERYTHING IS ENERGY AND ENERGY IS EVERYTHING. Every thought, word, feeling and thing is energy!  

Expecting someone or something outside of yourself to “save” you are disempowering.  Learning to trust yourself to know what is best for you is to truly know yourself and is the gateway to real freedom. Trust your inner emotional guidance system to feel what is aligned with your highest self.  This is the path of empowerment for YOU.  Your feelings and emotions are your guidance system!  High vibration feelings and emotions are telling you your thoughts and beliefs, your operating system, is true today and aligned with your highest self.  Low vibration emotions and feelings are telling you your thoughts and beliefs, your operating system, is not true today and is not aligned with your highest self. 

The emotions that you feel in any moment of life are the indicators of the vibrational relationship between you and YOU!  Your emotions are telling you whether your current active thought and subsequent vibrational offering matches the vibration of the evolved self or not.  When the signals match, you feel wonderful. When the signals do not match you don’t feel so good.  Awareness of your emotions and what they mean is essential to your conscious evolution.

“If we can free ourselves from the emotions of the past, we can use that energy to create a new future.” 

- Joe Despenza

What is your vibration and how is it affecting the world you see and create?

Let’s consider the following to better understand your emotions and the role they play.